Our HSEQ Values

Palmeron’s commitment and mode of operations is built around Health, Safety, Environment and Quality performance.

Strong concerns for HSEQ is our core value. All Palmeron employees operate with an innate instinct to operate under a safe working environment. This HSEQ mindset is established on the belief that all incidents can be prevented and the doctrine that above perfection is a reality. 

Our key objective is to carry out all work under a safe working environment with zero occupational injuries and zero tolerance to non compliance issues. In order to reinforce our commitment to Health, Safety, and the Environment, we organise regular training for all our employees.
Delivering in a safe and sustainable way is all that we do. We balance social, environmental and economic priorities to create value for all our stakeholders. We protect and support our employees and anyone working with us or affected by our activities, by promoting our values and Guiding Principles and implementing effective health and safety management systems and working practices.
We are committed to continuous improvement of our health and safety performance, with our programme of ‘Above Perfection’. This means that, leading by example, we can influence the safety behaviours of our work colleagues and the communities in which we live, protecting and improving the environment and our business in the process. Our overall goal is to protect both people and the environment. We recognise that attaining the absolute goal of causing no harm to people or the environment is extremely challenging and we will work with our clients, suppliers and the workforce towards achieving this goal.
All judgements and decisions made by our people reflect PALMERON HSEQ policy and values, which aim to provide the highest quality of safety and service to all.
Training and Competence
The development of our people is of prime importance and Palmeron have invested in a number of training programmes to facilitate and improve: on our

  • Personnel development
  • Safety, health, environmental and quality performance
  • Occupational safety awareness

Personnel are required to actively partake in the training required for both their current post and continued advancement within the organisation. In particular they are required to complete the HSEQ Training identified within Palmeron HSEQ Training programme.
Palmeron have a fully implemented competence management programme which further supports our performance goals. Personnel involved in key rolls are required to be evaluated against industry standards on an ongoing basis and provide appropriate advice, support, training, coaching and mentoring of their direct reports and subordinates to enable them to fulfil the requirements of their work.
All Palmeron Employee have an obligation to help create a positive culture of health and safety, demonstrated through action, and commitment to the following:

  • Nothing is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely
  • We expect everybody to be a leader for safety
  • We seek everybody's opinion
  • We communicate openly and honestly
  • Everyone has a duty to challenge anyone or anything if they believe safety is compromised
  • No level of occupational illness or injury is acceptable