Program and Project Management

Project and Programme Management Services
As a specialist Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management contractors, Palmeron leads the way in providing a comprehensive range of services focused on ensuring that our client deliverables are delivered efficiently and effectively. We fully understand that our client’s requirements can change depending on the scope of work, the current stages or any number of variables. Indeed, in our eyes, every project and programme has different challenges and will require a unique approach. Whether it’s mobilising a project team, starting a new project or rescuing one in trouble, our experienced consultants have the widest range of knowledge and skills to ensure your success.     


Palmeron Project Management Approach
Businesses create enormous advantages and shareholders’ values by turning revenue-generating ideas into reality. By putting the right people, tools and techniques in place and being accountable for delivery, we ensure business benefits realisation.                 


At Palmeron, we are clear there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf solution. We understand that every organisation and business within the oil and gas sector is unique and that every project or programme aligned to the business will require a specific and tailored approach.

Our success formula is based on listening to individual client needs and, from this, building an effective solution framework. It is your business and we believe in providing the complementary skills, approach and tools to deliver your objectives while ensuring you retain control. We focus on delivering successful outcomes whilst leaving a legacy of transferred skills and enhanced capability.

We believe success in business is built on relationships which are founded on trust, clear lines of communication and co-ordinated action. As a result, we continue to enjoy repeat business from satisfied clients who endorse our world-class reputation by getting us to do what we do best -Creating Solutions

Palmeron Tools & Methods

21st century business is played out in an increasingly complex landscape. With opportunity for growth presenting itself in a number of guises - such as strategic alliances, joint ventures and new product design, the initial adrenaline kick of doing the deal often disguises potential integration issues. Subsequent impacts on shareholder value and company culture, favourable or not, can all be forecast and managed to a successful conclusion. Whether it is upgrading, maintaining and integrating new technology, transforming supply chain processes, or launching new products and services in oil and gas sector, your business will benefit from Palmeron approach to delivery.
All too often, management tools and methods are taken too literally and businesses end up with an overly complex, onerous and bureaucratic approach to delivering projects. Our approach is highly pragmatic and is supported by a suite of tools that act as enablers to drive our clients' projects to successful conclusion.

Wherever our specialists are engaged, they are cognisant of the unique nature of each environment, recognising that all project situations differ and project management techniques need to adapt to each circumstance.

Once our specialists have analysed a business situation, they will recommend the most effective project management techniques to meet the agreed objectives. At all times, even with our own products, we remain flexible and open to different approaches, as our focus is always to achieve an even better outcome for our clients. Creating solutions for our clients is at the heart of everything we do.